About Us

Who We Are

We specialize in making your home easier to use.

Invest a little today and earn more tomorrow by switching yourself to a smart home ecosystem

Zilicon Technologies is an Indian based private limited company that was founded in 2019. At Zilicon, our purpose is to deliver meaningful innovation with ease in day-to-day life.

From the perspective of the average individual, home automation is neither readily available nor inexpensive.

  • By offering cost-effective options, we hope to address the delivery and acceptance of home automation solutions and enable customers to purchase the whole package they need and perform the installation themselves.

What we do

Making Devices Smart

No matter what device or company you are using, you can make them work as you need. Explore the salient features of our initiation.

Our system will receive latest and feasible input and switch automatically between online & offline inputs.

Auto Switch

Zero configuration is required for connecting and controlling a device in this smart system.

Zero Config

If a connected device is damaged, simply replace it. The new device will work as the old one.

Normal replace

Meet Our Team

Meet our valuble gems

Aparna PM

Operations Manager

Abhijith A

R&D Associate

Vishnu Vijayan

Alliance Manager

Karthik Narayanan

Design lead